Virtual Reality



The emergence of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) as a new computing platform is already disrupting traditional business models.

Early-adopters take advantage of the technology’s ability to generate immersive, life-like computer simulations of the real world to change the way they share information with stakeholders.

Our team has experience consulting with organisations across a range of sectors, and have delivered education workshops, demos and content creation across all major VR platforms. Some of our work includes:

  • Virtual Reality for education, safety and training and architecture workshops
  • Creation of safety training game product for a multinational mining company
  • Creation of an architecture visualisation product for off-the-plan commercial building designs.

Contact our team today for a free consult to understand the impact this technology is having on your industry and discuss VR products that can solve pain points in how your organisation engages with employees and customers.

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  1. Consult with you to discuss the impact VR and AR is having on your industry and explore your initial ideas
  2. Review your existing plan for the disruptive impact immersive tech will have on your business to ensure you are best prepared for its disruption
  3. Scope initial product ideas and determine the best approach to ensure your business takes advantage of virtual reality
  4. Create an immersive experience tailored to your needs with feedback and input from your decision-makers and end users


  • Applications for mobile headsets including Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR
  • Applications for computer-tethered HMDs including Oculus and HTC Vive
  • VR development using Unity game engine for programming and 3D modeling tools including Autodesk Revit
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What People Think About Us

“Adam ran a fantastic session to a cross section of the university, including academic, research, library and professional staff on the impact virtual reality on today's environment. After providing an expert summary of the current state of the VR industry he was able to clearly articulate how the technology is contributing to the education sector, facilitating group demos and applying relevant case studies to the needs of UWA. He led an engaging group discussion identifying the opportunities the technology enables.”

- The University of Western Australia

"The Immersia team created a realistic virtual reality visualisation of one our high-value design models, including an augmented view that overlayed images from the real world against those in our model. This visualisation enabled us to more easily communicate updates for the design to our clients and create a feeling of presence within a building 6 months before construction commenced. The Immersia team were fantastic to work with and the final product received excellent feedback from end users, who purchased additional headsets to share it."

- Bimfire Pty Ltd

"We asked Immersia VR to deliver a creative workshop and they did an amazing job! Adam got everyone thinking creatively and introduced us to the possibilities of VR and how these technologies can benefit businesses. The session was interactive and everyone really enjoyed the VR demonstrations. Adam was easy to work with and did a fantastic job at tailoring a session just for us."

- King & Wood Mallesons

“Landgate asked ImmersiaVR to provide an overview of virtual and augmented reality, so our people could understand this new and disruptive technology, and capture ideas on how it could be used in our own business. Adam and his team were full of energy and passion while educating our employees in this field.”

- Landgate

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