360° Video Services


360° video is revolutionising the way companies engage with their stakeholders.
Employees, customers and shareholders use their smartphone or drag-on-drop on a web browser to experience every angle of your worksite, event or business story – or to take things to the next level, viewing through a virtual reality headset operated by their smartphone, PC or console (such a Google Cardboard or PlayStation VR).
Our team has experience creating immersive 360 degree stories across a range of industries, including:

  • 360-degree worksite tours allowing potential and new staff to experience their new workplace prior to day one
  • 360-degree event videos, including music festivals and corporate events with political and business leaders
  • 360-degree property tours, allowing new tenants or property purchasers to take a virtual walk through their new investment.

Contact our team today to discover how 360-degree video can transform your business’s internal and external communication to the next level by creating an immersive story.

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  1. Consult with you to determine the value a 360 video can bring to your business
  2. Work with your team to storyboard, plan and scope production and post-production
  3. Shoot all content by travelling to your filming locations with the most appropriate video-capture and audio equipment
  4. Edit and optimise the video to add additional visual and audio features
  5. Distribute via online platforms including Facebook, YouTube and for virtual headset viewers (optional)
Nokturnl Events
Royal Agricultural Society of WA

What People Think About Us

"Adam and the Immersia team created an awesome 360-degree promotional video using the best moments captured at one of Perth's biggest events. Their creativity and tech knowledge resulted in a memorable video that reached a wide number of our potential customers."

- Nokturnl Events

"The Immersia team did a fantastic job creating a 360-degree promotional video for a high-profile public event featuring the state Premier, which allowed us to engage with our audience and share the experience on the night in a memorable and different way."

- Crescent Institute

After identifying the value of a 360° worksite tour with Adam, he and the Immersia team did a fantastic job planning, storyboarding, shooting and producing it for all our potential and new employees.

- Workmetrics

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