Immersive Tech for Enterprise Workshops


Immersive Tech for Enterprise Workshops

Immersive technology, including Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) and 360 degree video is anticipated to have a global impact worth an estimated total of $120BN across a range of industries by the year 2020. Early adopters of these technologies have already explored how it can improve the way they communicate information to their customers, staff, investors and other stakeholders. For example, the real estate and property development sectors have already created applications that enable customers to experience their designs in an interactive and engaging way, with apps coming out from and hardware from global companies such as Matterport.


The ability to create dangerous yet realistic and interactive simulations is redefining the way training is being delivered, while the engaging and “fun” nature of VR experiences is causing schools to rethink the way they approach education. However, as the hardware behind VR and AR approaches a standard and price that makes it accessible to the general population, a widening gap is forming between industries’ understanding of the technology and its applications.

To close this gap, corporations such as BankWest and Toyota have started to introduce this technology to their staff through workshops available from local tech start-ups that are savvy in these growing technologies. These workshops not only provide demonstrations of the latest technology, but an overview of VR and AR history. This includes the events that have led to its current explosion in the global tech scene and disruption to a wide range of industries. Feedback from such corporations has included that of staff becoming more creative whilst imagining ways the technology can help their industry, and some such as Commonwealth Bank are already implementing it.

It may be time to start rethinking the way your company solves the hurdles it faces, and decide whether immersive technologies can help you become more efficient in dealing with them.

If you are thinking of hosting a workshop at your place of work, please contact our team at or email

Ultimately, our session will bring your staff up to speed on the technology so that they are equipped with the knowledge they need to embrace it. Together, we will create a roadmap for the future based on your organisation’s position as an early adopter, general user or cautious approach to emerging technology. Let’s ensure that you are ready for the world of opportunities that VR and AR are creating for the global economy.

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